Savor the best part of the day with ultra comforting eggs benedict. Learn how to poach eggs and create this restaurant quality meal at home!

Sunday Morning Eggs Benedict

Homemade Eggs Benedict: learn how to poach eggs & create this restaurant quality meal at home!

Perfecting a Poached Egg

Easy Poached Eggs

Easy Poached Eggs--Poaching is a simple way to transform the humble egg into a luxurious treat. Once you get this technique down pat, you can enjoy poached eggs for an easy breakfast, a satisfying lunch, or a light dinner.

Perfect Poached Egg.....Got to try it ( sure would be easier when poaching for one egg.)

: I do this all the time now! My microwave is strong, so a minute cooks the yolk almost well done, but it works like a charm and is the fastest, easiest, and cleanest way to cook an egg I've ever seen.

Curry Poached Eggs

I really can't get enough shakshuka in my life. Indian Shakshuka - Poached Eggs in a Curry Sauce

Spicy pickled carrots

{Recipe} Spicy Pickled Carrots & Free Printable Chalkboard Tags - Growing Some Roots

Prosciutto Eggs Benedict

Prosciutto Eggs Benedict _ takes the classic dish to a new level! Made with a light & flaky puff pastry topped with a slice of prosciutto & a runny poached egg. I served this with a few spears of asparagus. It really makes this look even more elegant!

How to make perfect over-easy eggs: just made these and they were SO EASY to make! Love this method!

Let me just start by saying that I’m sure this is not the right way to make over-easy eggs. There is probably some fancy schmancy technical way to make your eggs turn out like this. But this works.