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Bree loves ballet and jazz. She loves dancing and baking. She either want to become a makeup artist or a dancer. Birthday, May 27 ADOPTED

高橋 真琴 #shojo #vintage #manga

高橋 真琴 I really like the eyes that Makoto Takahashi makes. They look so dreamy~

Art from "Candy Candy" series by manga artist Yumiko Igarashi.

Candice White Andre by Yumiko Igarashi color sleeve ✤

Art from "Miracle Tarot" series by manga artist Reiko Shimizu.

Miracle Tarot - Read Miracle Tarot 0 Stream 2 Edition 1 Page 43 online for free at MangaPark

Art from "Shining Princess" series by manga artist Reiko Shimizu.

Reiko Shimizu is a Japanese shōjo manga writer and illustrator who is known for her works of science fiction and her art style, and her illustrations of tarot cards called the Miracle Tarot deck. She received the 2002 Shogakukan Manga… Continue Reading →

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