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a man standing in front of a crowd wearing a black coat and red gloves with the words rosas blancass para wolf on it
rosas blancas para wolf
tristes armas en xerais
tristes armas en xerais
centauros do norte Tattoos, India, Pancho Villa, Polynesian Tattoo, Villa, Magazine
centauros do norte
an old tv sitting in front of a wall with graffitti on it and the words, marta remondezz dende o conflicto
Dende o conflito en xerais
a group of children standing next to each other
las voces del Pamano
Silencio no corazón Galaxia
Silencio no corazón Galaxia
an image of the front cover of a book with words in spanish and english on it
Berra liberdade
a man hiding behind a red cloth with his head covered by a white cap and the words'cometass en el cielolo '
Cometas en el cielo en cómic
a book cover with an image of a woman holding a red cloth
Cometas en el cielo
an old document has been altered to look like it is being used as a passport
Palabras de pan
Ópalo de Blanca Álvarez en Alfaguara Madrid, China, Abc
Ópalo de Blanca Álvarez en Alfaguara
a book cover with an airplane in the sky and a child standing on top of it
quedaos en las trincheras y luego corred
a book with an image of a helicopter flying in the air and text that reads nun lugar, chamado guera
nun lugar chamado guerra
el pacifista de boyne Penguin Random House, Ebook Pdf, Life Is Good
el pacifista de boyne