Soak yarn in watered down glue, wrap around balloons. When dry, pop!

Yarn balloon spheres: Cut strands of yarn, blow up balloon. Mix equal parts craft glue & water. Dip yarn in glue, wrap around balloon. Hang balloon with clothesline & clothespin. Once dry pop balloon and remove. Modge-podge could work too.

bubble refill!

DIY: Bubble recipe and refill station. Love the idea of reusing plastic cups from restaurants as the containers. Keep the bubble solution confined to one big refill container, and no worries about leaky, yucky containers hiding all over the house!

DIY Barbie Couch with step-by-step instructions.

DIY Barbie Couch - Lol this is just cute! Where were you when I needed you? Too old now for barbie couches.

DIY Barbie Suitcase - genius!... or MH!

DIY Barbie Suitcase - Lots of cute Barbie crafts on this site. (Whatever I could make for Barbie, I could also make smaller for my doll house)

“Princess Putty” – a sparkly and fun DIY party favor

Princess Party Ideas: How To Make Princess Putty! This princess party idea is a glittery slime made from Elmer’s Glitter Glue and borax.

I love monster high soooo much!!

Keep calm and love " MONSTER HIGH!"even though i hate monster high i have to put it here cuz its called keep calms!

Suitcase Pattern. How adorable!

Sidekick Suitcase Pattern (PDF)

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Craft Organization Week: Craft Desk

Dress the boys up right !

Monster High Boy's Wardrobe Monster High wardrobe PATTERN by KristineAnns on Etsy, - just bought this for my MH girls, i cannot wait to recieve it!