I want to do an asymmetric vase shape, but more delicate and curvy than this.


The Best of Culture in Thailand


Niklas Alm Still Life Photography

Niklas Alm - Still Life Photography. Didn't know style can look so delicious! Awesome shoes / flats photography that makes fashion so yummylicious :)


diagonaal compositie Typically Dutch: is to eat ‘drop’, best translated in licorice. It’s sweet or salt sticky candy the Dutch just luuve to eat. What about you? Any favourite kind?


Beautiful flower photography Floral Still Life by GeorgiannaLane on Etsy cafe au lait dahlia

compositie / ordering

You’ve never seen water like this [65 photos]

Surfer of Rip Curl team surfs over the bono (natural phenomenon of rolling big waves on the river, happens before sea tidal) in Kuala Kampar River, Riau, Indonesia. According to locals, these waves reach meters height and is challenging for surfing.

Driehoeks compositie

Driehoeks compositie

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