Happy Birthday Colada...oh man. Cake vodka, marshmallow vodka, strawberry rum...I'm stopping there. Light the candles...cheers!  No one bought me a birthday drink yet, and it was over a week ago! ;) You can make THIS for me, and don't forget to sing!!

I want this for my birthday----> Happy Birthday Colada: Cake vodka, marshmallow vodka, strawberry rum.I literally might trip someone or ninja kick someone running to this drink.

Jello shots for my sister's @Kristen Abbott 21st birthday. Vodka Island Berry, Triple Sec Orange, and Rum and Cherry coke. My photo. Recipes from myscienceproject.org/j-shot-3.html

Happy birthday jello shot platters for my sister's Abbott birthday. Vodka/island berry jello, triple sec/orange jello, and rum/coke/cherry jello shots in 1 oz plastic cups I found at GFS.

Flaming Cupcakes (with pear Vodka-filled strawberries) | Shared by LION

Flaming Cupcakes (with pear Vodka-filled strawberries). brilliant adult version of a simple (cake filling recipes strawberry)

Did this for my roommates 22nd birthday! 22 balloons with pictures hanging from the strings and 22 reasons I love her written on the balloons! Got the idea from a pin I saw on here (: she loved it, and it was really fun and cheap to do!

lol I love balloons! Number of balloons for how old they are turning and each one has a message written on it and tied with a pictures attached to the strings

I'M FEELING 22 Banner Birthday Wedding by SweetPaperSprinkles, $7.00

I'M FEELING 22 Banner Birthday Wedding Engagement Reception Shower Photo Prop Op Bunting Garland Birthday Shower Party Baby Bridal Couples

Birthday Cake Piñata DIY

DIY Birthday Cake Piñata

Birthday drink?? Yes please! . . . perhaps one of the simplest & loveliest cocktails ever: a glass, some ice, three-quarters of dry champagne or prosecco, a thinly sliced cucumber and fresh mint, and a splash of st. germain, an enchanting elixir of handpicked wild elderflower blossoms from the foothills of the french alps, and it's time to celebrate . . .      {image & recipe from zested}

Elderflower Champagne Cocktail via Zested Ingredients: Dry champagne St Germain Thinly sliced cucumber Mint Directions: Fill a tumbler with ice. Fill of the glass with dry champagne. Add thinly sliced cucumber and fresh mint. Top off with St Germain.