Teaching about character traits in reading can be challenging but fun! One of the hardest parts for kids, is that in most pieces of literature, the character traits are somewhat abstract. The author doesn't directly tell the reader what the character is like, which forces kids to have to learn...

Read about some great ideas to help you teach character traits in reading. This would be a great anchor chart or poster to hang in a classroom library.

#free #character traits worksheet- click through for book recommendations for teaching character traits

Quite a Character: Teaching Character Traits -

The goal was to understand what a character looks like on the inside and the outside. Before writing about characters in a book, students wrote about themselves! I love this for teaching characterization!

teaching character traits-- I love this activity! My students will love creating these as an assignment. At the same time they would be learning what characters traits are. They will also use this activity to increase their vocabulary skills.

Here are some tips, tricks, lessons, ideas, for teaching second grade, second graders, and second grade classes

Characters: Character traits anchor chart Color: color in center or picture hair color, give each student a card to write a describe word(s)- opens dialogue regarding communication. Design -same concept just with form etc

Blog post with tips on how to help students understand and recognize character traits!

Understanding Characters

Character Traits Anchor Chart from Teacher Trap! Help students understand the difference between emotions and traits.

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