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Adrian Rosales

Adrian Rosales
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Welding project... Except maybe make the whole skeleton?

Bulid your own giant steel anatomic skeleton hand out of junky nuts and bolts! It makes a nice coat & towel rack too. This is a perfect first welding project because you can make lots of mistakes and it will still come out fine.

This little guy is the work of Tadpole Creek Creations and I like how they use tools to actually create the artwork!

Ever walk into your garage in the middle of the night and find broken baby food jars and screws etc. all over the floor? You know its not the wife's cat because you already took care of little fluf...

Im not a big art snob but there is something really bad ass about these characters from the Piston Head Army.

Animals attack

What to do in a Wildlife Encounter - good chart, though I'm doubtful of the 'Climb a tree' advice for grizzly - you'd better be very sure it's not actually a black bear! 22 Absolutely Essential Diagrams You Need For Camping.