Green chiles

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GREEN CHILE STEW A buddy of mine in New Mexico makes this, it's so good!

On a cold winter day- nothing better. Add a buttered flour tortilla and it's heaven.

Fabulous Green Chile - This picture literally makes me hungry and happy at the same time!

~New Mexico Memories of Awesome Hatch Green Chile~ we used to roast & freeze sacks a year

Hatch Green Chile Crockpot Chicken | Recipes | Kate O. Lynch

Hatch Green Chile Crockpot Chicken is an easy way to put those chiles to good use. This recipe is spicy and delicious and well worth the effort!

Green Chile Beef Empanadas

green chile beef empanadas - the beef is good in enchiladas too. I found the empanadas to be a little greasy.

Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas, photo by Christina

Spice up a weeknight meal with these quick and zesty chicken enchiladas.

Hatch Green Chile Pretzels

Each year around the dead hottest time of the summer, a silver lining appears throughout the Southwest: Hatch chile season.

Cheesy Green Chile and Potato Chowder

Cheesy Green Chile and Potato Chowder. Sub water for broth. Hatch Chile instead of poblano. Smoked cheese instead of regular. I need a recipe for the rest of my frozen hatch green chilis

Zucchini Green Chile Quiche

Zucchini & Green Chile Quiche

This Zucchini and Green Chile Quiche recipe is one of our favorites! Zucchinis and green chiles combine for amazing flavor in this delicious quiche recipe!

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