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Things I love about New Zealand, Maori culture, rugby, and the All Blacks--and just things I love in general!
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a view of a city from the top of a hill
Wellington, NZ's capital, in late October (spring). Taken from the Botanic Garden. It's such a beautiful city, built around Wellington Harbour, but famously windy--the reason the rugby team is called the Hurricanes.
a blue train car sitting on the tracks
The little train you take from Auckland to Wellington (if you have 12 hours and want to see some beautiful countryside). You stand on that little platform while the train goes 60 mph, and watch the sheep running away as the train goes by. (Fun to see all the babies during lambing season.)
some very pretty trees in the grass
Wellington Botanic Garden. I love this picture (taken by my husband).
a sailboat sailing in the ocean on a cloudy day
Waitemata Harbour. I love this New Zealand sky.
a black leather couch with a brown blanket on it's back and red carpet
The first pattern I ever created. Made this blanket for my younger son. My older son got the first-ever one, which was full of mistakes. He said, "It's a good reminder to try new things. You make mistakes and keep trying until you get it right." Awwww.
a pink sweater sitting on top of a black leather chair
This was the first actual garment I made. And it fit! I gave it to my mother, though. (Because it fit her too.)
a brown dog standing in tall grass next to rocks
My first foster Labrador, in his new home in Canada, healthy, alert, and happy. When I got him, he had been crated 24 hours a day for years, but was still loving and affectionate. It took him a couple months to come fully out of his shell, but what a worthwhile effort it was.
a couch with a blanket on top of it next to a black chair and red rug
The afghan I knitted for my mother. This was my first more complex design, and I was pretty proud of it! I tried about 6 things before I settled on the final idea.
a chicken standing in the middle of some flowers and grass with it's head turned to the side
One of my bantams, Elizabeth. (Original chickens were all named after the sisters in "Pride and Prejudice." Elizabeth was, obviously, my favorite.)
a large white structure sitting on top of a lush green field next to a river
Pedestrian bridge on the walkway/cycleway along the coast in New Plymouth. It is like a fish skeleton. You can see the lower slopes of Mt. Taranaki in the background, though most of it is hidden by clouds.
a snow covered mountain in the middle of clouds
Mt. Taranaki, near New Plymouth, coming out of the clouds, early November (spring).
sheep graze on the hillside overlooking a city
One Tree Hill is in the middle of Auckland, which has over a million people. But there are still sheep on it! And cows!
two people are swimming in the ocean together
Swimming in the early morning, Mangawhai. Then we went back to the bach and had a huge breakfast.
a woman standing on top of a lush green hillside
Rope swings all over the place. (Because you can't sue!) This is on Mt. Victoria, in Devonport.
a blue and green bird sitting on the ground next to a bench
Greg the takahe just died a month or two ago. This is a giant, flightless parrot-type thing. Think turkey size. Very funny. Highly endangered, but you can see them at Tiritiri Matangi--island sanctuary in the Hauraki Gulf, outside Auckland.