7 Best Leg Exercises to Blast Leg Fat

7 Best Leg Exercises to Blast Leg Fat - The models in the top pic of this article have no muscle--they're just skinny. And you can only "blast leg fat" with calorie restriction -- you "gain nice leg muscle" with exercise.

Pro Volleyball player Kerri Walsh butt workout

Training Plan: Sculpt an Astonishing Butt - Workout B

butt workout by kerri walsh! For post-baby ass kicking and more! my kids work=out everyday. running 5 miles and lifting weights.

Great promo for great program ♥

"Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't." - Legally blonde :D

Woo! This made me happy to be under the national average after all my hard work :)

Glamour Magazine Does a Body Good

Very interesting. So, if men's ideal is size and women's ideal is size who's responsible for this unrealistic and ridiculous "mainstream" beauty standard? If you're size cool. If you're size that's cool too. Beauty is beauty.


Hot to get sexy abdominals Inspirational pic of the day 1 Hello fellow Ab-sters and Wanna Look Great-sters! I think you will enjoy this article! Abs Diet and Training Tips to Lose Your Stomach Fat Get Six Pack Abs


This is a very old test shot from my gym and fitness calendar. I adore fit bodies on women as I think it reflects an empowerment of sorts. That they are prepared to work on their fitness and take r.

Doin' work!

“I want to lift weights to tone up, but I don’t want to get bulky. So should I use lighter weights and do higher reps? Women do not have the levels of testosterone necessary to get “bulky” or.