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people sitting at tables in front of an old building with flowers hanging from the roof
Wherever you are ...
le terras....
a scooter parked in front of a building with blue shutters on the windows
Facade on the rue des Pyrénées
Rue des Pyrénées, Paris XX
an old blue car with luggage strapped to the roof parked in front of a stone bridge
Renault 4cv, little french classic car. I would pootle around French country lanes in this so happily.
a rusted metal sign that says rue de la princesse
Rue De La Princesse
some lavender flowers are wrapped in brown paper
Backyard California Wedding from Pictilio
Lavender - Lavendel
three people sitting on a bench next to a tree
Steve McCurry Curated
Elderly Parisiennes chatting on a bench
lavender plants in pots on a table outside
Planting Lavender For A Beautiful Spring Garden
Planting lavender for a beautiful garden We love it all summer long. Looks so pretty & the fragrance is wonderful. One more benefit is mosquitos don't like it - we plant ours around the pool in huge pots w/basil & lemon balm!
a person sitting on the grass wearing a hat with purple flowers around its brim
2014 Lavender Harvest Celebration
Sunshine Lavender Farm: 2014 Lavender Harvest Celebration
a living room filled with lots of books on top of white book shelves next to a red chair
Pocket French doors
an old yellow car parked in front of a building
a man holding three metal balls in his hands
Boule! In every park in France, you can find a group of old and young folks alike playing this.
a tent with a fire pit in front of it
a group of young boys standing next to each other on a street corner with a baseball bat in front of them
'Meeting / confabulate around a baguette - France', 1950, DR