How To Make A Photo Booth for a #Barbie Party #PhotoBooth

How To Make A Photo Booth for a Barbie Party

A Barbie photo booth! Make a life-seized Barbie box with a moving box! Such a cute girl party idea!

Absolutely brilliant! Jason Freeny imagines what the anatomies of favorite toys look like!

Toy's Anatomy

Barbie Doll Anatomy by Jason Freeny. (via Barbie Doll Anatomy by Jason Freeny

No it's not, there's not nearly enough Nutella on that spoon!

Realistic Barbie…

Finally a realistic barbie doll. Haha nutella and realistic clothes and hair. Ok so I put this under life of a teen because we teens sit at home, eating nutella, in drab clothes with our hair just down and plain

What A Barbie Doll's Resume Looks Like After 55 Years

What A Barbie Doll's Resume Looks Like After 55 Years

What A Barbie Resume Looks Like After 55 Years. My favorite: "Surgeon - You don't need a beating heart to be able to operate on one. Miss America - My talent was surgery. Flight Attendant - Yes, I performed a few mid-flight surgeries.

June 14, 2012 | New Trends | by Zolton| In these economically trying times, it’s good to see that Mattel are getting realistic about the job prospects of their world famous cultural icon. Barbie, now working at Maccas! And yes, we do want fries with that.

Minimum Wage Barbie Doll

Funny pictures about Minimum wage Barbie. Oh, and cool pics about Minimum wage Barbie. Also, Minimum wage Barbie photos.

Finally, psychopath Barbie. I've been waiting for this one.- so creepy it's awesome

Photos of Barbie Dolls Doing Very Bad Things by Mariel Clayton

Mariel Clayton created a morbid series of photos featuring Barbi dolls doing some very bad things. via design boom photos by Mariel Clayton

Vintage Barbie #retro #nostalgia #fashion

I Barbie growing up, I pin up & retro style, and I photography.This picture makes me smile :)