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Welcome to my vampire vs humans rp! Rules: You must have at least one human and one vampire. No bullying, no being rude, (unless you are rping) no cussing, (only use crap, heck, god, and gosh) be NICE , be FAIR, and that's about it. Bye!


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Ꮚelcome/ Ꮚillkommen Ƭo ᙢy occult Ꮚorld, inspired by darkness and light, dreams, horror, magic, poetry, books, nature, witchcraft, mythology, wisdom and purple edits- I tag all gifs with 'seizure warning' meet me @Eerie Ink in Walsall if you are in...


The Black Hat Society

Shirtdesign for MCS. Will be availlable at EMP Merchandise. Thanks very much to jaded ink and her wonderful stock image! Check it out here: Buy the shirt here: If you want to get one of my images f...


High on blood by irrleuchten on deviantART