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diy tomato cages
Stake A Cage - How to make the ultimate tomato and pepper supports for your garden this year - without spending a fortune!
how to build the ultimate tomato cage for under 2 the stake a cage, gardening, The cages holding our Roma Tomatoes nicely
Make your own super-crunchy pickles with this recipe...and stop paying out the nose for something that is so simple to make in your own kitchen.
Step 8 - Build an Outside Oven - Sunset
I had been wanting a pizza oven of my own for some time... I currently rent and cringe at the thought of building something and leaving it behind. So after much stalking around and youtubing i finally put together a plan to make something that is moveable (i don't say portable, i don't plan on taking it tailgating), lightweight, uses fire bricks and uses wood to cook. I had seen a guy on youtube who built a oven using crushed pumice stone and portland cement with great success, but he used a…
Buying an outdoor pizza oven, or paying to have one built, can become a pretty extravagant expense.
Build Your Own Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS)
build an outdoor charcoal grill - Google Search
I know you want to know how to build your own..think of the pizza!!