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Roseli Shigematsu
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Calanthe Orchid

None of these photos are mine.

Newly-bloomed Spring Calanthe, 2014 (Ozikos Selection)

Newly-bloomed Spring Calanthe, 2014 (A Ozikos Selection)

maryworker | Maryworks

maryworker | Maryworks

Orquídea franjada roxo. Platanthera praeclara, conhecido como a pradaria franjas orquídea ocidental ea orquídea franjada branco Great Plains, é uma espécie rara e ameaçada de orquídea nativa da América do Norte .

Purple Fringed Orchid -- amazing by frankie

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Miltonia 'Sunset' Orchid - sweet little beauty

Pansy Orchid hybrid long lasting on the plant short life as cut flower.

Pansy Orchid hybrid long lasting on the plant, short life as cut flower.


Orchids-----I really like orchids But mine grow and bloom for 2 or 3 years then die, and I've had many, I give up.

Beleza da Natureza

Super cool coloring but too much?

Orquídeas amarillas

Yellow Cymbidium Orchid photo by Tran Belongs to Wellington Botanical Garden

Lady Slipper Orchid - Striped and Spotted by Heather Jane

Striped And Spotted Orchid Greeting Card for Sale by Heather Jane