Yessss.... I've learned this lesson the hard way. Make the most out of wht you have. Everyone has their battles to fight. It's OK to fall down. Just don't forget how to get back up again. And love, love, love....

I will not be another flower picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild... hell yess

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When I tell people I'm tired they say "go to bed earlier," or something of the sort but I want them to understand that tired isn't just's not a.depressing tired or anything like that..just tired of dealing with stuff in general

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Apparently I'm too picky. But why shouldn't I be? It's my life, it's my time, my energy, so why should I value it? Why shouldn't I set high standards? If I'm confident with what I have to offer why shouldn't I choose carefully who I offer this to? YES

face your fears.// I try to dive head first, into the deep end of my fears... Conquer and overcome. Never stop growing and changing.

I don't know who said this, but it's true for me, well..some of it. I chose to fix what you broke in a way that worked. so go fuck yourself. YOU'RE THE WHORE. always was and always will be. FUCK YOU

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I love this. He played himself. I can find a hundred guys like you but you can't find another me. (And this is how you are... so go pay for it, darling... or try a blow up doll, but you wont find another me... you're acting like a teenager btw... )

"It is my choice to place my children first, to keep my promises and enjoy their smiley faces. Children need their parents together, so every effort to fix your marriage it is important. Let 's pray for families and their marriages."