animal-factbook: “The recently trend on flower crowns was actually started by bunnies. Flower crowns came from the bunny tribe “rabbitus” in northern Antarctica, and was bought to America in the

marble fox

Canadian white fox is super adorable. The adorable Canadian marble fox Lookit herrrrrrr

Inspiration to help me become vegan. Start associating faces with food.

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Opened in 1990 and located in Miyagi Prefecture, "Zao Fox Village" is a sanctuary home to over a hundred free-roaming foxes, including the silver fox and the platinum fox as well as the Japanese red fox.

You Can Experience Fox Heaven in Japan

There's a wonderful, little place in Japan called Zao Fox Village - a place where you can feed and pet over 100 wild foxes.

My rag doll kitten, her name is Aqua because of her gorgeous blue eyes.Yes,I am a cat person not that I don't like dogs but I always loved kittens and cats.

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you can't see it very well, but i like her shirt! and the kitten aww