I mean, this is probably meant for a newly married couple to hang up in their first house, BUT this is how I feel about you guys, so..........

Together is our favorite place. I like "Together is the best place to be"- this is a cute quote

so true

You know you're from the if you remember being disappointed when the CD's leaflet didn't have the lyrics to the songs. How else were you going to learn that damn line on track I remember this with cassette's.

My heart just melted.  I love that I have friends who care enough to send this to me.  Thank you, Leslie!  You're the best!  <3

My heart just melted. I love that I have a precious daughter who cares enough to send this to me. I love my Mollie Kate to the moon and back!

Perfect mix of modern and vintage design.  Love!

Diamond Jewelery Engagement Wedding Rings Earrings Fashion Designs Gem Gold Handmade Pearl: Most Expensive Jewelry of the World Ever

I don't know what these are called... But they make smart girls stupid

No girl can resist it…

I call them "v-lines" and yes, they make smart girls stupid.


Teal & gold coach Bag - love this color! Only cause of the color but would never buy a coach bag.

black diamonds

Rose Gold Vintage Black & White Real Diamond Engagement Vintage Pave Halo Ring if only it wasn't a circle

Amazing pink diamond ring with vines. I can't find the source.  Edit: it's not a pink diamond but morganite. Can be custom made here: http://www.custommade.com/morganite-leaf-and-vine-ring-by-sam-n-sue/by/samnsue/

And on the practical side, the vine over the diamond helps hold the stone in the setting. This is literally so gorgeous. If the stone were smaller and a diamond, would love as an engagement ring.

peach sapphire and rose gold engagement ring

Peach Pink Fancy Sapphire Diamond 14K Rose Gold Engagement Ring

peach sapphire and rose gold engagement ring, simple and super pretty and feminine. I love this with a rose gold band with Chanel set white diamonds

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Mark Silverstein diamond engagement ring with white and rose gold! THIS is the ring I want! Add the rose gold band as the wedding band.