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Ro is Heart Smart

Ro is Heart Smart

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HEPPP - Hot Exhausted Pain Pale Puke, the signs of a heart attack in women

Rosie will be the keynote speaker at Detroit's Go Red for Women Luncheon - Friday February 14th, 2014 at the MGM Grand Detroit.

Support a great cause with the American Heart Association.

In case you missed it, you can watch Rosie's appearance on Dr. Oz by clicking on this link.

Rosie O’Donnell’s Near-Fatal Heart Attack, Pt 1
  • Kristin Webb Toledo
    Kristin Webb Toledo

    Just watched this, Ro!! You are awesome! What an informative, sincere, heartwarming episode. Thank you, Rosie!

  • Laura Seames
    Laura Seames

    Just watched it. Amazing episode. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  • Erin Follbaum-Clough
    Erin Follbaum-Clough

    Met you in Detroit at MGM when you were filming here. You make my heart full and my soul yellow. I

Thursday (10/25) I am on the DR OZ show - all about heart attacks - tune in n learn how to save ur life. - Rosie

The Dr. Oz Show | Episodes, Recipes, Articles and more
  • Kristin Webb Toledo
    Kristin Webb Toledo

    I defintely will tune in, mama!!!

tomorrow I go to OZ

What Rosie Taught Us -- Plus 11 Tips on Women's Heart Health.

What Rosie Taught Us -- Plus 11 Tips on Women's Heart Health

kids r home - life is returning to normal - only plant based normal

  • Ellen Boisier
    Ellen Boisier

    You're awesome Rosie. I love you (in a "celebrity" way)

  • Sherri Anderson
    Sherri Anderson

    Love you Rosie.. Glad you are feeling good. I love the photos of your kids.

  • Shirley Musumeci
    Shirley Musumeci

    You inspire me. A lot.

  • Fernanda Trigueiro
    Fernanda Trigueiro

    Nothing like family to make us better! Lotsa luv to you, Rosie!

  • Laura Seames
    Laura Seames

    love it


  • gardenleaf

    Would love to havea list of ingredients/recipe shopping list for healthy choices! Thanks

  • Joann Raskin
    Joann Raskin

    Recipe please

Dinner #veggiesnquipniaorsomething

  • Joann Raskin
    Joann Raskin

    Recipe please

know the symptoms ladies / listen to the voice inside / the one we all so easily ignore / CALL 911 / save urself / xxx Rosie

my heart attack |
  • Joyce Gray
    Joyce Gray

    So Happy you are ok, I am using your heart attack as a wake up call (if that's ok) ;)

  • Joël Dickinson
    Joël Dickinson

    very scary! Happy to hear that you're ok

  • Lora Brown
    Lora Brown

    Thanks for sharing, Ro! And congratulations on your marriage. :) Take care of you!

  • Small Jobs Plumbing .ca
    Small Jobs Plumbing .ca

    This is awesome! You are the encouragement I've needed to get in gear. Thinking about being healthy has never worked. Bravo Rosie. Best wishes.

  • Sandra Ross
    Sandra Ross

    Take care of yourself Rosie!

Forks Over Knives - watch for FREE on HULU! www.forksoverkniv...

Forks Over Knives
  • Miranda Wright
    Miranda Wright

    This movie will change the way you look at food!

Heart Attack Signs

  • Dianne Hammond
    Dianne Hammond

    I hope you are feeling better!!!

Caldwell Esselstyn, MD -- "No More Heart Attacks -- Ever"

Rip Esselstyn - my new boyfriend

  • Christy Williams
    Christy Williams

    I know! Can't wait for his new book -- "My Beef with Meat" :)

  • Small Jobs Plumbing .ca
    Small Jobs Plumbing .ca sense of humor will help get you through this :)

lunch - salad

  • Lorrie Salem - Guevara
    Lorrie Salem - Guevara

    Looks yuymmy have to just do it.

  • Chrissy Mulrenan Amendola
    Chrissy Mulrenan Amendola

    u go ro.....

Oh my god I lost 10 lbs already eating plant based food !!!

  • Emily DeSavary
    Emily DeSavary

    Congrats! I lost 10lbs. in my first week of eating plant based - it's awesome!

  • Desiree Thomas
    Desiree Thomas

    I am happy to hear your journey in a new life style is going well. I am also taking this journey. I am currently down 13lbs, but the weight is not what I am all so concerned with. I have autoimmune disorders that I have been dealing with for the past 10 years. 1 month of eating healthy has made my problems better. I am also in my last semester of nursing school and I cannot wait to work with patients to promote healthy life styles. Way to go Rosie. I am happy you are onto a healthy life for YOU and your family!

  • Becky Cancilla
    Becky Cancilla

    Yay! I lost 70 lbs. in 6 months with healthy plant-based eating!

  • Christine Diaz
    Christine Diaz

    Way to go Rosie! BTW...LOVE those glasses can you tell me who makes them where to get them....

  • Susan Frye
    Susan Frye

    Good for you & our planet! Thanks for setting an example!

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Byron Katie - I love her

The Work of Byron Katie :: Homepage

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure by Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr.

  • Lo D
    Lo D

    Are you still following Esselstyn's nutrition plan? I am new to it, trying to lower my cholesterol, and am hoping to hear if you have found success with it.

  • Small Jobs Plumbing .ca
    Small Jobs Plumbing .ca

    Good for you! :)

buckwheat, mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, onion, garlic, spinach - no oil. #plantstrong

  • Holly Maust
    Holly Maust

    Your heart attack made me realize I needed to change my diet and start to exercise. Keep it up & I'll do the same!

One mile total - 6 th day home post heart attack.

  • Paige Shook
    Paige Shook

    Have not heard any recent updates.. I miss seeing you and hearing from you.. I wish well Miss Rosie.

  • Kristin Webb Toledo
    Kristin Webb Toledo

    Yeah, you go Mama!!!!

  • Jeanne Coffey
    Jeanne Coffey

    Keep up the good work! I am so proud of you!

  • Amy Ogden
    Amy Ogden

    Keep on keepin' on!!

  • Lora Brown
    Lora Brown

    Go, Rosie, Go, Rosie!

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my new way of eating

  • Janice Simoes
    Janice Simoes

    Rosie, watch Forks Over Knives....fabulous.

Transcendental Meditation, I learned from Nancy Cooke de Herrera - LOVE IT.

Transcendental Meditation® Technique – Official Website