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This is a great idea for a poster to put up in your classroom to discuss with the students how to think when reading. It covers 6 ways to think while reading; summarize, question, connect, infer, visualize, and predict. I would make this poster and put it up in my classroom to help model thinking and guide my students thinking process while reading.


Awesome thinking stems for a reader's response journal. Also has a great pic of how she does a friendly letter every week in their journal. Reading Response Letter Thinking Stems

Teaching My Friends!: My Reading Notebooks

Students read a picture book in pairs. After reading they roll a dice and the corresponding number instructs them to apply a certain comprehension strategy - make a text to self connection, retell, determine importance, use questioning, visualizing, infer The set includes one game card for teachers to photocopy for each game. Please see my other free products to download this game for grades 3-6.

Reading Comprehension dice Game - grades K-2

Crafting Connections: Anchors Away Monday {11.17.2014} Making Deep Connections {FREEBIE}

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Text to World Connections

Free Text to World Connection Printable

What Makes a Connection Meaningful? Anchor Chart


Where the Wild Things Are: Text to Self Writing Freebie

Mrs Jump's class: Wild Thing You Make My Heart Sing!

Student response sheet to illustrate and write about reading connections.

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Connections anchor chart

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making connections

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making connections- from a third grade teachers blog, but i think my 7th graders could use this!

Teaching in Flip Flops

connect to "children make terrible pets" "not norman" and other pet books - text-text and text to self connections

Second Grade Style: Making Connections

connect with "children make terrible pets"

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good book for connections

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