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BEAUTY  THE BEARD: HAIR WEEK: NO FAIL CURLS This is the best hair curling tutorial ever! I do this every time if want to curl my hair! No fail indeed!

Everyone asks me how I curl my hair. This is it exactly. No fail curls- spray lightly with hairspray, twist around unclamped curling iron except inches of the ends of hair, hold 20 sec, finger comb for looser curls, spray lightly with hairspray again

Johnny Depp

Depp - my kind of man - love him and everything he's ever done in movies and that he fell in love at first site with his woman

I don't always repin pictures of celebrities, but when I do it's Johnny Depp.

Details of what is actor Johnny Depp Favorite Color Food Music Role Animal Books Drinks Biography along all other favorite things like hobbies TV Show and movie role are provided.