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All kinds of great ideas for a Nerf - themed party on this website!

nerf gun party - use boxes for kids to hide behind. Will have lots of boxes after the move! I feel a Nerf bday party coming.

Nerf party games. Can create a theme by just printing out an image and putting it on the can.

Nerf Wars / Birthday - shooting galley, tin can challenge. Doesn't have to be Nerf gun, maybe throw a ball

Nerf Gun Party! ~ themed ideas for everything from invitations to agenda ~ this would be a huge hit! ~ michelle paige

Terrific Nerf Gun Party for boys that is big on fun without being childish. Awesome nerf gun games and nerf gun party decor and food ideas!

Best Teen Party Game: This is a shake-that-bootie fun teen party game that will have everyone howling with laughter. Here's what you need and what you do:  WHAT YOU NEED:  A

The shake-all-the-ping-pong-balls-out-of-the-kleenex-box-in-a-minute game. Crafty only in putting the ping pong balls in a Kleenex box and taping or tying it on but I had to put it someplace because it is funny.

cup cake shoes clever !

Would be great for bridal shower - Heels Cupcakes ~ This is so easy! For all the Bakers--Beginners or Experts! The heels are made with Pirouette cookies, soles with Milano cookies and then your own homemade cupcakes.

Individual Layered taco dips in cups

Individual 7 Layer Dip Cups Recipe Love it? Pin it! With the short wide cups. I love love love 7 Layer Dip… the day after the party, this is always the first thing I go for! I just can't even believe how cute and.

If you get a bigger box, and makes bigger holes you can put a balloon in there and when people punch it they can get a prize

It's called a "Punch Box" and it's a great alternative to a pinata. Instead of beating on a pinata with a stick, each person punches through one of the pretty colored circles in order to grab the prize inside. A great idea for a take home party favor.

DIY game for a Halloween party- witch ring toss....this would be great for the fall festival at my school this year.

Another fun carnival game to add to the neighborhood party or parade! Try your luck tossing the ring on the witch's hat . this or the orange cones decorated like a witch's hat for ring toss - cute!