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new orleans-style shrimp and rice

New Orleans Shrimp Rice - Martha Stewart - Ive made this dish so many times I cant count anymore. Its easy to make and always consistently good! Sometimes I add Chorizo too for more of a take on Jambalaya.

Gel Manicure Tips: How to Keep Your Nails Healthy - PureWow

Without the proper care, a gel manicure can leave your nails brittle and thin. Here, we created your pre- and post-manicure plan for healthy nails.

Essie nail polishes strive that every woman provides a dose of luxury. There are over 250 shades. Essie Weingarten has made an effort to put as a special ingredient to them her passion for nails and colors. So you choose this nail polish only if you really care about yourself and the message they send.

The 60 Best Nail Polish Colors You Need to Be Wearing This 2017 Fall, It’s all about muted neutrals, rich jewel tones, and subtle doses of shimmer.As we make our way into the fall season, the tides are shifting from bright nail polish to a new set of mood