The RetroPie Project has motivated many people to build their own gaming stations. Two issues regula

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In a previous post, I described my idea of a universal console with the Raspberry Pi. I presented, what I called, the SNESDev-RPi, which is an SNES-controller interface for the Raspberry Pi. A core…

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Even if you have never coded a thing before in your life, you really can help your kids learn to code AND it is super fun :-) Mums Make Lists loves helping mums learn to code, so mums can help their kids learn to code.

converting a Nintendo64 into a hand-held console | full set of pictures: (inspired by Ben Heck, who does similar work w/ PS3 & Xbox - )

BREAK_THE_CODE: HOW TO: Setup Raspberry Pi as a retro Gaming Console w/ PS3 Controller via Bluetooth

A computer is a handy tool for photographers, but they're cumbersome to carry around. To solve this problem, photographer David Hunt decided to stuff a Raspberry Pi into a detachable battery grip for his DSLR camera so he can initiate wireless tethered shooting, have an extra USB backup, and more.

Super Game Pi Handheld Raspberry Pi Powered 3D Printed SNES - The new Super Game Pi as it has been called, is a 3D printed games consoles that is equipped with 12 buttons and an analog joystick together with a larger 5” HDMI display, all powered by a Raspberry Pi A+ mini PC loaded with RetroPie software. | Geeky Gadgets

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