Custom Lucy Van Pelt and Charlie Brown Costumes

Halloween is the best time of the year to show off how cute you and your “boo” are! What better way to do so than with adorable and easy couples costumes? Keep reading for 20 of the best couples Halloween costume ideas! Flo from Progressive an

Painted canvas saddle shoes.

Painted canvas saddle shoes.

Items Needed Black t-shirt and tights/pants, white paint, markers, rope, heavy paper, scissors Steps 1. Paint white circles down you...

Pacman costumes: black pants and long-sleeve black shirt, white cut-out circles, black elastic cording, yellow cardboard, blue/red cardboard for ghost on back

Guess who? Love this simple costume idea for a group {Featured on's Couple's and Family Halloween Costume Roundup}

21 Freakishly Fun Couples and Family Halloween Costumes

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DIY Arthur Costume Inspiration #AETN #BeMore

Me as Arthur Read from & & is one of my favorite shows, so I figured I& do this~ (C)(C)(C)(C)(C) Character belongs to Marc Brown (C)(C)(C)(C)(C)