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With a total length of 179 km, the Provincial Highway along the east coast stretches from .

ushan Shanyuan Fish Recovery Area 富山護漁

ushan Shanyuan Fish Recovery Area 富山護漁

Jinzun 金樽

Jinzun 金樽

Stone Umbrella 石雨傘

Stone Umbrella in East Coast

Jichi 磯崎

Jichi in East Coast

Niushan Huting 牛山呼庭

Niushan Huting in East Coast

Fanshuliao 蕃薯寮

Fanshuliao in East Coast

Baqi 芭崎眺望台

Baqi in East Coast

Yuan Sen Garden 原生應用植物園

Yuan Sen Garden in Taitung

Zhiben Hot Spring 知本溫泉

Zhiben Hot Spring in Taitung dates back to the Japanese Colonial Era and is now a world-class to.

Dawu Rainbow Village 大武彩虹村

Dawu Rainbow Village in Taitung

Timali 太麻里

Timali 太麻里

Wuling Green Tunnel 武陵綠色隧道

Wuling Green Tunnel in Taitung