Everything You Need to Know About Vegetable Gardening in One Graphic.

This has to be one of the cutest ideas I have seen in a long time. Scrabble pieces on garden sticks! from Sow & Dipity

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Lavender is great for bumblebees, honeybees, butterflies and hummingbird hawkmoths and a great addition to any outdoor space. Fancy giving it a go? Here's a handy how-to guide to get you started~

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prune roses just as or before new growth emerges from the canes (cut off the wood that died over the winter. this will promote strong, healthy shoots that will produce lots of blooms. it will also give plants a more open habit (?) which helps them resist diseases like black spot

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Calling all porches! This shade-loving mix is just for you! Ingredients: White Queen Caladiums, Whopper Begonia, Variegated Creeping Fig by Carmen Johnston Gardens

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A Gardener's Checklist for Early Spring. expert advice on winter cleanup, spring pruning, sowing seeds, planting late-season bulbs, creating containers, dividing perennials, planting trees, and planning a vegetable garden

How to Grow and Care for Chives. These beautiful and easy spring bloomers add a bright beautiful color to the garden and offer healthy benefits to meals.

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