Hand-Carved Crochet Hooks

The hand-carved crochet hooks from Roux Studios' HandCarvedHooks.com
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Custom decorated crochet hooks- anything you image, on you favorite tool!


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two skeins of yarn next to a crochet hook on a white surface
I can't believe I haven't done this sooner! 😍 Check out what the pokeberries do on a freshly carved crochet hook! Wood grain and wild botanicals are a match made in fiber heaven!!
two toothbrushes with flowers painted on them sitting next to some green leafy plants
They're just different! #handcarved #crochethooks
a person holding a wooden burned and hand - painted pen
Woodburned Crochet Hook
Hand carved crochet hook the ADVENTURE SERIES! I asked what land the Adventure Hook series would be taking us to and ya'll TRULY delivered with all these destination names. Have one to add? Drop it below! Skeinia Loopland Crochetdia Long Chain Island Visit Yarnica to unwind! Cro’cheatia The Yarn Islands Hookington Crochetopia Land of Yarniya Hooker Island 😅 Crochetburg Hook Island
a person holding a wooden object on top of a map
Adventure Wood Burned Crochet hook
Hand carved crochet hook, made from fallen wood, this series continues! While hand painting and delicately burning the maps onto each hook, I am DEFINATELY having a mini-vacay!🍹
Hand Carved Crochet Hook Necklace
Take your love of crochet with you everywhere you go! I love this beauty, for being so graceful but also, compltely usable! #happyhooker
Hand make artisan jewlery for crochet lovers and creatives of all types. Jewellery, Crochet Lovers, Necklace
Crochet Love Jewelry
Hand make artisan jewlery for crochet lovers and creatives of all types.
two pictures one with yarn and the other with postcards in it, both showing an open box
Crochet Christmas Gift Basket for makers
The perfect gift for the crochet maker in your life! Include a hand carved white birch crochet hook, naturally dyed botanical yarn, calming herbal room spray, and french milled soap. All bundled in the collector's Christmas magnetic box.
two pictures with yarn, flowers and other items in them on the same page as shown
Crochet Hook Gift Set for Makers
a hand holding a leaf shaped keychain in a box
Hand Carved Crochet Hook Key Chain
a hand holding a gold colored pen next to an orange and yellow painted wooden pencil
Hand painted and hand carved Italian style crochet hooks
a hand holding an object in it's left hand, with the tip pointing upward
Oak ergonomic crochet hook with thumbrest, hand carved.
a skein of yarn sitting on top of a white floor next to a pair of knitting needles
Hand carved rustic crochet hook with naturally dyed wild yarn.
three wooden chopsticks sitting next to each other on a white surface
Hand carved crochet hooks, hand painted with whimsical trees
a wooden pen in a white box on a table
Antique Rose Bouquet Hand Carved Ergonomic Crochet Hook.🌹💒 She's nestled in a wicker keepsake magnetic closure box on a bed of velvet and it's just perfect.
yarn and crochet items laid out on a round glass tray with white furnishing
I had to pop this beautiful scene from @taraemilyhandmade into my feed🤩🌹 Her whole feed is a M O O D. I love getting to see her dusty pink hook!