At first I wasn't going to read the page but I did and I loved it :)

Someone from Lakeview posted a whisper, which reads "I found this while surfing the web.

This is funny because this girl at my school actually used this as her senior quote haha!>>>>>I've also found my senior quote.

I read this in English class! You read it through the normal way, then reverse it and read it bottom to top by line.... The whole class flipped out as my teacher read this aloud.

Depressing poem that can be read backwards to take on a whole different meaning! Really cool and inspirational!<<We read that at camp forward and backwards and it was cool.

I've done this...they're not lying. it's literal hell... We call it the beep test

Pacer test

Okay so we call it the beep test and this isn't even an exaggeration. This is an extremely accurate description of the true horror that is the beep test. If you have never had to do this you are so fucking lucky!


Funny pictures about Definitely worth the read. Oh, and cool pics about Definitely worth the read. Also, Definitely worth the read.

I like this idea a lot

what if, when you killed someone, you gained their magic skill?<<<things just got real dark real fast

Garden humor

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. Philosophy is wondering if that means ketchup is a smoothie.

These Plants Can Kill

These Plants Can Kill

someone please say im not the only one---------Sam Smiths song is now stuck in my head

The Phandom life. Lol, the fandom life crawled from the depths of hell and dragged me into the flame of fandoms. ---> I was about to make a mcr reference but I would just cry if I did ;

Wow..... STORY PROMPT!!!

first of all: woow *-* / second: holy mother of story-writing, if that's not a story prompt, i don't know