‘Benvenuto. I hope you enjoy.’ Sunlight fills the room. Filmy curtains stir in the salty breath of the ocean and draw me straight onto the balcony. Below, mountains tumble to the town clustered along the brink of the gleaming ocean. I turn to him in amazement.  ‘Are you sure this is for me? There hasn’t been a mistake?’ All That’s Left Unsaid p 24

The Top 5 European Road Trips

‘My Papa he remembers a man who drove his car off a cliff. Now they think all red cars are bad luck. But that was a big car, like in the old American movies from the 50s. One without the top. I do not want such a car. I want a little car that goes very fast. A big car is no good here. The roads, they are narrow.’ All That’s Left Unsaid p 83

Amalfi Coast Drive, Italian Summer I dream of going to Italy and travelling in a little vintage car !

The celebrations brighten the sky at my back. Yet in this dim junction of cobbled laneways, the only light comes from flames flickering inside drinking glasses on the few rickety tables. All That’s Left Unsaid p 107

Visit Italy and have an amazing Italian meal accompanied by amazing wine. Sidewalk Dining in Rome, Italy. America should have more of these quaint little outdoor cafe places.

Nunzia lifts a battered silver espresso maker—a macchinetta—from the wood stove beside the fireplace and spoons ground coffee into the filter cup. Real Italian espresso, in this house! A small pleasure. All That’s Left Unsaid p 163

The Stove Top Coffee Brewing Guide is a step by step instruction manual for Crema Coffee Garage customers, to help them learn how to correctly brew stovetop espresso.

Store in Positano, Italy , from Iryna

Most of these beautiful quaint shops and cafes are located in the oldest parts of the world, France and England. Some are located in US and Canada. Would love to visit all these places, if only in my.

Lemons - an essential part of the famous Limoncello

Lemons, Positano, Amalfi Coast, Campania, Italy Photographic Print by Walter Bibikow. One of my very favorite places!

Scanno, Italy - immortalised by Henri Cartier-Bresson

Scanno, Italy - immortalised by Henri Cartier-Bresson Where does one find dresses like this?