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IKEA Hack: Expedit into Long Storage Unit

this ikea expedit hack is amazing! She took two bookcases and an IKEA expedit and put them together to make this long media unit!

This would be ideal for storage, we all put things under the bed but this way we don;t get all the dust and can easily see without putting your hand under there and being afraid you pull out a spider LOL!

Surprise Storage For The Bedroom -- This would be wonderful for a guest room. Awesome to have platform beds with storage!

toddler room ideas

Help your little girl decorate her White Picket Fence and turn her room into a Daisy Play Room. As Wall Decor a Wood Picket Fence makes a fun wall border.

1 tbsp cornstarch, 4-6 pumps baby shampoo, 2-3 drops food coloring, 1-2 tsp water = voila! bathtub paint.

Bath Time for the Kids: 1 tbsp cornstarch, pumps baby shampoo, drops food coloring, tsp water = bathtub paint.