Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith

Instagram is jacobmayday, I'm an artist yeet
Jacob Smith
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An interesting idea would be to tattoo items that were, essentially, life plot devices: wedding rings, diplomas, maybe that toy car that rolled into the neighbor's yard and won you a lifelong friend trting to get it back.

Fuck Yeah, Pop Punk Tattoos!

Tattoos are a large part of the punk culture. A lot of people in the punk culture have tattoos, of all kinds of things. This is a tattoo of a song lyric by the band Brand New.

So Cute Flower Hedgehog Tattoo

Floral hedgehog by Danielle Parish at Heart and Soul Tattoo hedgehog hog floral neotraditional animal danielleparish, Animal,Floral,Traditional , Neo-Traditional

Fonte:bookbaristas #books#coffee

Describe the cover of the book you are currently reading *without* using the title – let’s see if we can guess the read! I’ll start: a guy and a girl are leaning in towards each other & the title is.