DIY Natural Blush by Thriving On Paleo (with video tutorial)

DIY Natural Blush

Make your own DIY blush with arrowroot powder, hibiscus powder, beet root powder, cocoa powder, peach powder

DIY: organic foundation with sunscreen

Smooth Finish DIY Organic Foundation Makeup...With Sunscreen

Scratch Mommy – Life, From Scratch Smooth Finish DIY Organic Foundation Makeup.With Sunscreen - Scratch Mommy - Life, From Scratch

DIY Homemade Natural Translucent Powder.

DIY Homemade Natural Translucent Powder- 1 part of French Green Clay(whole foods sells it) to 1 part of organic cornstarch, you can add some cocoa powder to get some color if you want. Great and gentle on skin

Homemade Foundation Powder

Homemade Foundation Powder

The BEST tried-and true homemade foundation powder makeup recipe. Plus, a homemade foundation powder video tutorial!

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Homemade Natural Eyeliner (& Eyeshadow) - 15 All Natural DIY Makeup Products | GleamItUp

DIY Super Simple Natural Eyeliner (& Eyeshadow) Ingredients: 4 capsule activated charcoal A few drops of water Empty eyeshadow tin plus other homemade makeup products

Everything Pretty: DIY Foundation Recipe Powder and Liquid

DIY Foundation Recipe Powder and Liquid

Everything Pretty: DIY Foundation Recipe Powder and Liquid. Plus a concealer DIY! Going to try this since my face breaks out after wearing even the sensitive store bought makeup. May even DIY some eye shadow and blush also!

Homemade eye shadow! All natural and easy to make. Click here for four great color recipes.

All Natural Homemade Eyeshadow Recipe

Interesting & fun DIY for Molly. This all natural homemade eye shadow recipe is simple and customize-able. Check out the four color options and then have fun creating your own.

I have said it before, I am not big on make-up I have worn it maybe 3 times in my life it’s just not my thing.  But when I do you can bet its all...

Homemade Foundation: Start with a base of arrowroot powder tsp. for dark skin - 1 Tbs. for light skin); add in one or combination of cocoa powder, cinnamon, or nutmeg until you reach your desired tone, brush on.

homemade Natural Mascara, maybe I'll try this sometime

Homemade Natural Mascara -

Homemade Natural Mascara Ingredients: 1 tsp coconut oil 1 tsp shea butter 1 tsp bees wax 4 tsp of aloe vera gel capsules of activated charcoal. Not vegan, but you can replace beeswax with soy wax to make it vegan

All Natural Homemade Liquid Foundation: Just two simple ingredients create a flawless look.

My Latest Discovery: How Have I Lived Without These Products?!

Home Made Cosmetics. Learn how to make foundation, blush, mascara and eyeliner from natural, organic ingredients.

Home Made Cosmetics

DIY Cosmetics ~ Home Made Cosmetics - learn how to make your own foundation, blush, eye liner and mascara

DIY Blush by Thriving On Paleo

DIY Natural Blush

The next in my continuing series of how to make your own natural homemade beauty products (see DIY Deodorant , DIY Eyeliner, or DIY…

Who's up for making your own cosmetics? Here are a few ideas.

Saving face: Organic DIY Makeup Solutions

Make Your Own Deodorant & Other Natural Beauty Products (Infographic) DIY Beauty Tips, DIY Beauty Products