pink grey & chevron nails

pink grey & chevron nails nail design manicure with one glittery accent nail art www.

French Braid - never though of doing a small ponytail to start with

The Classic French Braid Tutorial.I've never thought of using a rubberband at the top! I wonder if the rubberband at the top will help?

For if/when I'm ready to chop it

Medium length hair cut with partial blonde highlights.I want my hair like this but blonde with brown lowlights or highlights

Dark Blonde/Medium Blonde/ Light Blonde Ombre Hair/Free People Hair

Pinner said: "Perfect blonde. Obviously natural base. I get my base from a bottle, but this is the perfect blonde!blonde ombre If I had to guess, the bas is a level 9 neutral Ash, using Balayage around face. Really like this color!

Homemade Honey Conditioner

Corrie's Kitchen Spa: Honey Hair Conditioner Recipe by Paula Deen

Paula Deen Corrie’s Kitchen Spa: Savannah Bee Company Honey Hair Conditioner cup organic honey, 4 tbsp light olive oil. Mix into hair, cover with cap and let set 30 mins before rinsing.

Brown Sugar Vanilla Body Scrub

Brown Sugar Vanilla Body Scrub: In small bowl, mix together 1 cup brown sugar, cup coconut oil, 1 TBSP sweet almond oil, then 2 tsp vanilla extract vanilla. Store in airtight half-pint mason jar.

DIY Makeup Remover

DIY Makeup Remover

DIY Makeup Remover: Combine tablespoon of baby shampoo with teaspoon of olive oil together in a small container. You can also use coconut oil. Shake well each time you use as the oil tends to separate. Use a cotton ball to apply.

Elizabeth Olsen Ombre Hair

"I want this!Elizabeth Olsen hair - medium length and wavy - caramel and blonde color. I'm in love with ombre. It's" Not sure who Elizabeth is but this is pretty!

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