karto gimeno -★-

Vintage circus tent photo-red and white stripes. I love circus tent stripes! ZsaZsa Bellagio: Intriguing Beauty I didn't like the circus but the tents from back in the day were great.

teal floor red sofa

Possible color scheme for my living room, since I have a red couch. Obviously not painting my floor, but I like the teal color.

Lamps. Red. -★-

perfect lighting > over working space or big kitchen island! 302 Lamp from Lampe Gras. Design by Bernard-Albin Gras.

red ceiling! -★-

Interior paint color inspiration daring red ceiling, be careful with this: white walls reflect the red color so in some rooms you can get a pink room instead of white more on www.


[temporary] tattoo parlor (photo by caroline tran, event design by grand soirées)- cute for girl scout carnival Richardson- can John make us a tattoo booth?

A terrace, a roof top deck, balcony, patio, some kind of outdoor space.absolutely love this one!

via design milk -★-

Oak Furniture from Portuguese Brand Matrioskas

Details on Upcycling Oak Furniture from Portuguese Brand Matrioskas via design milk

vw -★- combi red

VW red bus also acted as ambulance complete with Dad making siren sounds on the way to the hospital for stitches two different times.

Red clogs -★-

I wore red clogs like this all through my think it may be time to get a…

Bold dresser... -★- red. Home

Would love to find an old vanity dresser like this. I once went to a hair salon where each station was one of these dresser/vanity tables covered in old black and white newspaper ads--so cool!