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How to: Antique Mirror

Antiqued mirror is a super hot design trend that reflects a growing taste for vintage glamour. Have you ever gazed longingly at elegant, high priced antique mirror in magazines, catalogs, and design showrooms and wished you had the high dollars or design know-how to bring the beauty of these glamorous finishes into your own home or business? Learn how through our Antique Mirror & Glass Virtual Workshop!

Reflecting on the Possibilities: Stencil Patterned Mirrors and Glass

Antique Mirror Techniques | Project by Anna Sadler

Stenciled Antique Mirrors on Cabinet Door Panels. Great idea for furniture, too! Learn how with our Antique Mirror & Glass Workshop!

Dallas designer Ana Simpson created her own lovely antiqued and gilded mirrored art pieces after taking our Antique Mirror & Glass Virtual Workshop!

Ornamental Stenciled Antique Mirror by Gracie Reed | Link to Virtual Workshop Class that teaches these techniques.

We love this project by Arizona's Anna Sadler! Gorgeous inspiration on what can be done with the lessons learned on the Antique Mirror & Etched Glass Virtual Workshop!

Antique and stenciled mirror project here at our studio. We teach this in detail in our Virtual Workshop and more details if you click the pic! www.virtualworksh...

Store-bought mIrror-in-frame with patination on back of mirror and stenciled pattern on front. Links takes you to a Virtual Workshop to learn how!

Detail of textile print finish on a reverse painted antique mirror round. | Antique Mirror & Glass Workshop

How to create antique mirror | Antique mirror round for a tabletop with reverse painting with metallic paints.

A reverse and top gilded 48"round mirror tabletop that sits in our lobby. One of my favorite pieces at our Royal Design Studio!

Distressed and patterned mirror in frame by former Virtual Workshop student and decorative artist extraordinaire, Gracie Reed.

antiqued mirror wall

Lovely simple arrangement of antique mirrors in gold frames

Gorgeous paneled doors with antiqued and pattern mirror insets. Simply stunning installation by former Virtual Workshop student Gracie Reed.

A dressed up dresser with a beautiful Antique Patterned Mirror by former Virtual Workshop student and decorative artist extraordinaire, Gracie Reed.

A custom, "keyhole" shaped Moroccan mirror with reverse gilded pattern and a gilded "frame".

One of the first antique mirror table rounds I created 6 yrs ago using reverse gilded imitation silver leaf. That would be me and my little sis Nadine Mae Chestnut in the frame! :)

Custom Moroccan-arch antiqued and patterned mirror with reverse painting and additional art applied to the front It includes a quote from Rumi and says:If I love myself, I love you. If I love you, I love myself. The typography in the background is another Rumi poem in Farsi.

An antiqued and patterned mirror table round in the Royal Design Studio office. VERY rustic!

Antique Mirror & Glass Workshop: Learn how to create elegant antique mirror and etched glass safely and easily without using highly toxic chemicals!