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    Automobiles and automotive culture photoimagery from Royce Rumsey/Auto-Focused


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    I just posted “Colorado Gothic” to Exposure

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    Colorado Grand 2015.

    Colorado Grand 2015.

    1931 Bentley4 8Ltr captured on a brooding morning as it was parked at Carpenter Ranch near Haley, Colorado

    Colorado Gothic with a '31 Bentley 4 8Ltr.

    Dave Wegher wheels John Mozart’s 1959 Ferrari Testa Rossa #0070 in the morning rain of this year’s Colorado Grand


    Track-time mit "Die Rote Sau"... ‪ by Royce Rumsey on 500px

    Track-time mit "Die Rote Sau"... ‪


    I just posted “Country Estate Elegance” to Exposure

    Royce Rumsey - Country Estate Elegance on Exposure


    I just posted “Evening Ascent to Greystone ” to Exposure

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    Street Racing, Modena Machineri


    “Corto Holds Court on Roedo” by Royce Rumsey on Exposure

    Royce Rumsey - Corto Holds Court on Roedo on Exposure

    Jack Curtis captured on the move in his pristine, platinum Porsche 911 on an afternoon in Newport Beach

    Pristine platinum Porsche 911 on the move...

    I just posted “Late Afternoon Porsche Motoring” to Exposure

    Royce Rumsey - Late Afternoon Porsche Motoring on Exposure

    @Behance portfolio: "A late afternoon country drive in a Porsche 911"

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    Greetings! — Jack Curtis on a late afternoon, California...

    “Pristine Platinum Porsche 911”, Exposure blog

    Royce Rumsey - Pristine Platinum Porsche 911 on Exposure

    Pristine platinum Porsche 911 recently captured in Newport Beach

    Greetings! — Jack Curtis’ perfect platinum Porsche 911 recently...

    I just posted “Thunder in the Desert” to Exposure

    Royce Rumsey - Thunder in the Desert on Exposure

    I just posted “Countryside Classic” to Exposure

    Royce Rumsey - Countryside Classic on Exposure

    I just posted “Tupelo " Strassenkreuzer" Transport” to Exposure

    Royce Rumsey - Tupelo " Strassenkreuzer" Transport on Exposure

    Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "Strassenkreuzer, c.2015, '59 Caddy "Elvis III" "

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    Powering a GL450 through the rain-soaked Imperial Dunes by Auto-Focused on 500px

    Powering a GL450 through the rain-soaked Imperial Dunes

    Messrs. Windgard and Gould leaving Gasoline Alley by Auto-Focused on 500px

    Messrs. Windgard and Gould leaving Gasoline Alley

    Greetings! — J.B.Nethercutt drives his bespoke 1931 Bugatti...

    Greetings! — Mercedes-Benz Classic Center USA’s magnificent ‘56...