13 great documentaries on netflix you’ll love



Age 0-14 In Minutes. What this Father Did Was Incredible. - The Daily Positive

Portrait of Lotte - 0 to 14 years in 4 min.


Outlander reference guide..Outlander

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Frank/Jamie/Frank/Jamie - what's a woman to do?? :) Well, duh, I know what I'D do!! #TeamJamie

Twitter / Candida_LN: . A roller coaster of love. ...


"If women ran the world we wouldn't have wars, just intense negotiations every 28 days." ~ Robin Williams I will miss this great actor and comedian! People talk about never getting over fictional deaths (I included) however the death of Robin Williams is one that I will never forget or get over. REST IN PEACE Robin Williams (1951-2014). You will be missed now and always.

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Penny Dredfull

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My other guilty pleasure- REVENGE!!!

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Snow White: Once Upon a Time, ABC Recently just found this show on netflix and loved it. caught up in the show to see the second season finale on TV. If you like fairytales with a twist i suggest you watch this.

Once Upon a Time, ABC - MouseInfo Photo Gallery


Already finished Season 2 of Lilyhammer. Steven Van Zandt is terrific as the mobster in witness protection transplanted from "Jersey to Norway.

Lilyhammer (TV Series 2012– )


longmire tv show | This is a good story.

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Revolution ((♥♥♥This Show!!!! Now I can't wait for the Fall Season to start!!))

NBC’s Rating Report; Revolution, Go On, and The Voice


Download The Fall Season 01 Episode 03 Tv Show

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Great TV To Watch While High: Treme on HBO | Treme has been an incredible show on for three seasons, which will be capped with a shortened final season on HBO this fall. While the first episode takes place three months after Hurricane Katrina and a good deal of the story lines feature characters (often based on real people) dealing with the devastating effects of the storm.

Great TV While High: Treme on HBO | Weedist


Modern Family Premiered in the fall season of 2009. Since then Modern Family has become the number one TV comedy. Now on Season 4, the show is...

Shows Like Modern Family


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The best new show of 2011 Fall season. Love Carrie!

Homeland ‘Crossfire’ Episode Guide | Small Screen Scoop


MY NEW FAVORITE SERIES!!! Bates Motel (tv) hope this comes back for season 2

Bates Motel TV Poster #7


'The Vampire Diaries' Season 5 Spoilers: Secrets Between Damon and Elena Will... http://sulia.com/channel/vampire-diaries/f/d810772d-301a-48f2-8567-c19c52bf8462/?

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Copper tv show | to image section of copper tv series go to trailer of copper tv series

Visual Section of Copper (TV Series)


The Killing- love this show! I can't believe they have canceled it!! Now we will never know what happens!!!

The Killing TV Poster #2 - Internet Movie Poster Awards Gallery


Scandal cast

Saved by
Robin Pauley

"Poised, mysterious and utterly composed, Vanessa Ives is a force to be reckoned with" #PennyDreadful

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on trial

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The Walking Dead

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