Dough made with hair conditioner and corn starch.  "Think of this as a mix between playdough and cloud dough.  It is light and airy like cloud dough, but moulds better as the conditioner helps the cornstarch become more pliable."


2 ingredient PLAY DOUGH RECIPE NOTE: This is inedible play-dough and should not be used with kids who are still putting things into their mouths. So what did we need to create our silky play dough? 1 part Hair Conditioner 2 parts Corn Starch.

First day project: Friend Tree. Everyone puts their thumb print on the tree then teacher later frames it and hangs it as a reminder that we are all friends- love this!

"Leaf" your thumbprint with this alternative to a regular guest book. Have a custom guest book fingerprint tree made just for you. This Guest book fingerprint tree is perfect for weddings, baby showers, anniversary's, and and family event.

All about me sheets

This is perfect for the beginning of the year.All about me sheets Turn into a class book

pre-K activities

Get Beachy Waves Today! You Know You Want To

This is BY FAR the BEST resource I've seen with ideas for keeping toddler/pre-k kids busy! The busy bag exchange idea is GENIUS!

Fine motor sewing on a styrofoam plate

Learning basic sewing with a polystyrene plate, yarn, + plastic needle. I remember doing this with craft mesh when I was a kid and then graduating to sewing buttons by hand onto little pillows and pockets.

Great idea! Preschool painting project .

Painting with Sound

Read "Jingle Bells" then paint with sound !- place bells on paintbrushes to make painting even more of a multi-sensory experience

Differentiated early literacy activities using a cookie sheet.

Must do this for our class--The Cookie Sheet Challenge! Using an old cookie sheet and some dollar store magnetic letters. Site has printable templates for you to use.

I really love this type of creative art with children.  Open ended using the supplies that the child chooses, a photograph and text of what they want to share. This might be fun with a partner for a "getting to know you" project so that the children could appear to be talking to each other (same likes, differences, similarities)

Mixed Media Self Portrait. Oil pastel and watercolor wash, artistic photograph, and poem. Children did the backgrounds, came up with words that described them and added it on top on canvas boards. Big wow factor for the parents. What an awesome idea!

Crayons. Organized by color.

My OCD loves loves this! Crayon Organizational Labels Creekside Teacher Tales but could be used to organize markers, construction paper, color pencils, color groups of any kind!

Clear contact paper with the sticky side out, taped to a window.  Anything sticks... fun for a rainy day.

clear contact paper stick to the window, a natural light table! Clear contact paper with the sticky side out, taped to a window. Anything sticks. fun for a rainy day.