Pastel Lavender hair ... I'm just gunna keep dreaming.

I want periwinkle hair so bad! Because I live the blue and purple hair colors this is perfect!

Her shade looks like Manic Panic® Mystic Heather™! Beauuutiful.

6 Fantastic Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors - Hairstyles Hair Color for long ,medium and short hair. I have natural strawberry blonde hair myself, it just doesn't look this amazing lol.

2013 Hair Trend | Cotton-Candy Pink #pink #braid #hairtrend #PMTS #PMTSftmyers

Dye your hair simple & easy to pink hair color - temporarily use pink hair dye to achieve brilliant results! DIY your hair pink with crazy pink hair chalk

She looks great with mint. Not sure I could pull it off.

Evoke the true icy princess in you with this mint green hair dye. The mint green hair dye is so so pretty and eye catching. Get your Frozen-inspired minty chalk here.


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