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AAA Great Supporting Wife

Surrendering "all" to God. I learned submission to my husband. "Was it easy?? YES!!" Submission is not a lesser role, it's strong enough to TRUST God to work in my husband, and me. He'd never earn respect, I had to give it freely. My husband Loves me like never before. He treats me with a refined kindness, and delicacy. Our marriage is a reflection of God. I know we can't change the Word of God, but God's WORD Can change us.
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You are right. My dad would be disgusted with me. He probably wouldn't even want me as a son. He would have loved you as much as me, and he would be so disappointed in the way I treated you. I let everyone I love most down. I'll never ever forgive myself.


I Bought No New Clothing For A Year. This Is What I Learned

No new clothing challenge. I bought no new clothing for a year. This is what I learned. Read my story about why I simply stopped buying any new clothing for almost two years and how you can do it too. (Save money, frugal living)

Wife After God: Drawing Closer to God & Your Husband

OTHER PURCHASE OPTIONS: Amazon Paperback | Kindle | iBooks | Nook About Wife After God 30 Day Marriage Devotional I wrote this marriage devotional to walk you through an intense journey of experiencin