Vintage: during World War II (Vintage pic from the Sartorialist): crop tops and wide leg pants then.

Photo by John Rawlings, 1941.

I am strong, I lie here strong, we practise strength together in our clumsy ways, 26 Oct, // 1941 Vogue - John Rawlings

Takin care of bizzz

boudoirepoque: “ LIFE goes to a county fair, 1938 “The daily chores of carnival life were done between performances by the Polly Ann dancing girls. Students of a Reading Pa. dancing teacher, the Polly.

Shoe advertisement, 1925.

Advert for shoes ~ Vienna 1925 - Vintage fashion shoes advertisement - Advert for shoes, Vienna - Photo by Grete Kolliner - 1925

workin it

These two young women illustrate the Flapper era’s penchant for both fun and recklessness by doing the Charleston on a rooftop ledge at Chicago’s Sherman Hotel, 11 Dec Chicago, Illinois,.

Nice ass

This fabulous and fantastic image features fourteen beautiful, long legged women in bold and colourful bathing suits and high heels competing for the beauty queen crown of Coney Island USA. A brilliant retro print perfect for any situation.