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Riga, Latvia, Three Jewish women in the street. The Jews were forbidden to walk on of the many new laws marginalizing Jews

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Hanna Lehrer, a Munich Jew, wears both her personal Jewish star around her neck and the mandated Yellow Star badge identifying her, isolating her, and alienating her from other Germans. Hanna was later sent to Riga, Latvia, where she was killed.

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Jan Lipke, a dock worker from Riga, witnessed the mobile killing units at work in the Riga ghetto. He then decided to help as many Jews as possible to escape and took a job at a firm where Jews from the ghetto worked as forced laborers. Of the 40,000 Jews from Riga not even a hundred were alive at the liberation. Of these, 42 had been saved by Jan Lipke.

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Eduard Roschmann (alias "Frederico/Federico Wagner" or "Frederico/Federico Wegener"; 25 November 1908 - 8 August 1977) was a member of the Nazi SS organization and commandant of the Riga ghetto during 1943. He was responsible for numerous murders and other atrocities. As a result of a fictionalized portrayal in the novel The Odessa File by Frederick Forsyth and its subsequent movie adaptation, Roschmann came to be known as the "Butcher of Riga".

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