BMW on acid

BMW adds extra sportiness to its i-series lineup, unveils i8 Concept Spyder

BMW Concept Spyder, A new version of the BMW Spyder will be displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.The new car is expected to be close to production spec, suggesting the

BMW i8 Spyder

BMW i8 Spyder

BMW has unveiled the third concept car from its series of electric-gas hybrids: the Spyder. The Spyder is based on the concept car which debuted in ditching th.

Lamborghini Ankonian Concept

Lamborghini Ankonian Concept Car - Perfect Batmobile for the Next Batman Movie - eXtravaganzi

Bugatti Renaissance Concept

Concept cars and trucks: Farrari and Bugatti concepts by John Mark Vicente


Hennessey Venom GT Performance 0 – 60 mph sec. 0 – 100 mph sec. – Guinness World Record 0 – 200 mph sec. – Production Car World Record mile sec. @ 163 mph Standing Half Mile 206 mph Standing One Mile 253 mph Top Speed 278 mph

BMW C 650 GT Scooter

BMW C 650 GT ScooterThink scooters are just for the city? Designed for comfort both in traffic and on twisty country roads, the BMW C 650 GT Scooter

I'll take two

Here's three things you need to know about Ferrari's new Berlinetta Hypercar. One, its the fastest Ferrari ever. Two, its powered by a 740 horsepower