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Chocolate Chip Biscotti Recipe from MissintheKitchen #FBCookieSwap

Chocolate Chip Biscotti Recipe from MissintheKitchen #FBCookieSwap

Italian Pasta Sauce from Fresh Tomatoes recipe

An authentic homemade Italian pasta sauce recipe using fresh tomatoes and herbs. (secret: throw a piece of carrot into the sauce while it is cooking to absorb the acidity of the tomatoes and create a sweeter sauce.

cinnamon roll in a mug

Cinnamon Roll in a Mug Ingredients For the cinnamon roll 9 level tablespoons all purpose flour ¾ teaspoon baking powder a pinch of salt Around tablespoons water A tiny dab of oil (coconut or m…

Skillet Black Bean Queso

Today's round-up features 21 different healthy Super Bowl snacks that are fantastic options to bring to your football party on Sunday.

Smoky Black Bean Dip

Say hello to your new go-to party snack. The canned chipotle in adobo lends a remarkable smoky depth and just the right level of heat to this simple black bean dip. Serve with fresh chopped vegetables or tortilla chips.