making even stitches...what an incredible, easy idea!!!

WOW, what a smart idea (even for those of us who avoid hand stitching wherever possible)! making even stitches.what an incredible, easy idea!

technique for making felt, stitched items....

technique for making felt, stitched items. this would be a good use for old wool blankets

Tips For Cutting Tiny Felt Pieces

Tips For Cutting Tiny Felt Pieces

How to sew sequins to felt

Sewing or Gluing Sequins To Felt- A Refresher

Do you love sequins? Combine the two and double up on the awesome! Here's how to sew sequins to felt like a sequin pro!

While Wearing Heels: I Heart Fake Food - Felt Corn Tutorial

I heart fake food, is back! Corn on the cob anyone? Supplies: Yellow, Green and Cream felt Fiberfill Yellow thread Green thre.

Free Cake Slice Box Template

Free templates, cake box template, party decorations, favor box, all sorts of…

Fries - Chips Box Template: Serving Fries or in some countries called Chips and looking for a template to create a real take-out type fries / chips box or packet that you can decorate

A free template, pattern and tips for craft and every party decoration, card, invitation, box or party hat to start you off with My Polka Dot Maker's printable polka dot paper templates.