the peachie speechie: Eliciting /k/ and /g/ Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

the peachie speechie: Eliciting /k/ and /g/. This is a fun technique to use during speech therapy! If not cereal, for us in Hawaii maybe a little rice….

Ms. B the SLP: Articulation Handouts 3-targets k/g & s/z. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at for therapy resources.

K/G Articulation Handout from Ms. B the SLP - she offers them for most problem sounds, free of charge.

More ideas
Ms. B the SLP: Articulation Handouts are great for phonemic awareness, too!

/SH/ Articulation Handout--how to make the sound, why it doesn't right, ways to help make the sound

Ms. B the SLP: "R" Articulation Handout

B the SLP: "R" Articulation Handout; There are more handouts for l, th, sh, ch, s/z and k/g!

Teaching the /r/ sound | Repinned by Personal Touch Therapy. Follow all of our pediatric therapy boards @ELLE Magazine (US) Magazine (US) Magazine (US) Touch Therapy

Teaching the /r/ sound

Tricks to Teaching the /r/ Sound (from a pediatric speech pathologist) This is a good idea to use as a teacher to teach children the proper way to say the /r/ sound. It is a fun and interactive way getting children to learn.

Articulation Chart for progress tracking---easy quick reference

Setting and Tracking Articulation Goals

Articulation Goal Tracker and Therapy Log - - Pinned by Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Speech sounds - So easy to describe! WOW!

Great list of fun names for Speech sounds. These make the sounds easier to understand and more relatable to the kiddos.