15 Small Space Storage Ideas. In a small space, storage is at a premium. These 15 creative ideas for small space storage will help you get the most storage out of your small space.

Jewelry storage for small spaces

Jewelry Storage for Small Spaces - Acrylic jewelry organizers from The Container Store; Mirror from Ikea; Floating shelves from flea market.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the latest styles and trends to have a modern bathroom. With do-it-yourself projects, you can create a trendy look for a fraction of the price. Plus, DIY projects are fun and an easy way to personalize your space.

This is a good use of a small space for a pantry. I like the use of otherwise empty space for storing spices and small packets on the side. Also like the order of the space, using similar storage containers on each shelf and adding the two level storage bins to the floor space to maximize area.

Diy storage ideas for small spaces In the window insert shelf which can be used like storage for your cutlery.

Baskets hung with zip ties on towel racks are a great and cute storage solution for a small apartment bathroom. duh! why didn't i think of that

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