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Nurse training, much different than today. Washing poultice cloths, washing dishes, sweeping floors, washing patients, making beds, and only off one day a week.

MGH Nursing History - Introduction

Some historians believe that somewhere between 3,000 and 8,000 women volunteered their services as nurses throughout the duration of the Civil War, the majority of them being from northern states. However, such an estimate is questionable due to the fact that several nurses, upon receiving appointments, refused to have their names recorded in the official books. Mrs. M. J. Boston once said to the surgeon she was working under, "I do not want any pay for my services. I only try to do all I…

Female Nurses of the Civil War

Lilian Heath was the first female medical doctor in the state of Wyoming and one of the first to practice medicine west of the Mississippi River. After the outlaw Big Nose George Parrott was lynched she was given the top of his skull (shown) which she called a "brain bowl" and used it alternately as a doorstop and pen jar. The history of Southeast Wyoming is fascinating. Learn more at

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U.K. WWI British V.A.D. Nurses (Voluntary Aid Detachement) in Red Cross uniform

VADs/Red Cross uniforms WW1 - Women - Great War Forum

Anna Palmberg (a night nurse) wears the earliest "mob" style of cap in 1888, designed to completely cover the hair. Image courtesy of the Massachusetts General Hospital Nursing Alumnae Association.

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This photo shows surgery circa 1906-1908. At that time, some surgeons had begun to wear surgical masks.

Surgery: Doctors pay attention to the new “germ theory”